My name is Mark Pfaff  Will AND THE BUSHMEN, Blah Blah , Patti  Griffin , Blah Blah Lynyrd Skynrd, Blah Blah Blah IGMO Blah Blah Blah, Webb Wilder. And I have a new album called HALF PAST HUMAN. The Important thing to remember is I am your musical messiah My music is gonna revolutionize your soul!!   :)
    Indeed, reality itself  is frightened by the  truthiness of this record. My music and only my music, Alone, will  reverse the march of time and suddenly Rock and Roll will reclaim  the number one cultural  slot away from   war  tv evangelism  and  Sex in America.

Also because i have rubbed elbows with all these other "stars" My credibility is through the roof.      Most normal people are not fit to breathe the rare-ified air which surrounds me, because these people are not famous  and i  am famous! I am better than all the other musicians who are not famous nor do they deserve to be, because they are not me. Indeed i was told by scientists, that upon death it would take dozens of Squares to equal the loss of one famous person like me. In a mathematical equation 

it's expressed as {M-5} = { U x 500,000}. Most historians agree, that the only reason America fought the revolutionary war against the European king and his Aristocrats, was not in fact to establish a liberty, but to replace and re-establish an American Aristocracy, based on Me and all My special Famous  Television  friends. Thanks America.   

You have heard ladies and gentlemen that music is medicine?   Well last night  My song ORPHAN HEART just completed its first  open heart surgery. My doctor is so amazed that he closed his office and  is now taking bass lessons from me, except i can't teach him any more because  hes not famous.  Unless i write it off as a charity on my  Celebrity tax form.  

The emperor is not wearing  clothes anymore   friends because I am wearing his clothes now, the ones i stole. In closing i would like to state , that compared to me , "the details of your life are quite inconsequential."  Doctor Evil How did u get in here?!?

Oh yes now where were We? Oh!  by reading this, you have elevated yourself a a person of true purpose and class  destined to be able to promote me for free even if what id do Blows or Not. Its not the music friends but the popularity of liking me that is important here. People Like Me are the social currency by which you can become popular with all your friends and the scourge of all your enemies. Because in the end even though its about me, its really all about you and the comfort of being better than somebody else!. 

     Certainly i am kidding  in this bio everyone.   But the music recorded here  is certainly not  kidding.   With that id like to acknowledge certain contributions of various talented people  contributing to the richness of these songs..

This album HALF PAST HUMAN  was recorded and mixed by David Farrell and Myself and was recorded at DOCKSIDE studios in Maurice La.a fabulous place run by fabulous people. One song  Reach For Me was recorded in Mobile at Dauphin street sound. Which is also a great room. 

Corky Hughes  plays All  guitars on Half Past Human   and has  co writing  credit on Reach For Me. Thanks Corky Hughes   for that and all the other little improvements you brought to the writing not to mention the performing of this album. Jimmy Roebuck played drums on this album   but don't tell him about it.
     Jimmy  thinks we are still  on break at JACKS BY THE TRACKS  right now and unless somebody tells him He's not. We  won't have to pay him ANY MONEY. JOSH TITFORD WAS indispensable to the development of these songs especially  _ REACH FOR ME __ AND IS A most trusted songwriting  collaborator.  Thanks JOSH!  Finally I am Mark Pfaff  and I wrote and  played  all the other instruments and sang on this new record entitled  HALF PAST HUMAN.   Also i have here posted some  of my  previous original works for your listening pleasure.